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Injustice 2 fan Guest character: Garnet
Symbol: the Crystal Gem symbol
Ruby and Sapphire appears and hold hands to fuse as Garnet, after the opponent first outro, Garnet appears and talks
Garnet comes out of a warp pad effect and talks, after the opponent intro, she activates her weapon
She deactivates her weapon walks forward towards the camera and came up to a punch as it goes in slow motion
Victory (as Ruby):
Sapphire runs up to Ruby and they hug and spin around until they fused into Garnet, showing her happiness in slow motion
Character power:
Garnet can able to unfused and have Ruby fight in the battle, with her own move set and a few abilities, although as Ruby, meter burns, throws and supermoves would be unavailable and her total health would be halved until she fused back into Garnet, if Ruby takes damage, the total damage would affect Garnet as well.
For thousands
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It was a nice and shiny day in the ground as the flowers were blooming and the birds sang there beautiful songs in there chirps as asgore watered his flowers as he had a smile upon his face as he heard things outside of the the royal room where he and toriel used to to do business with the monsters all around the kingdom where times sued to be happier, where he still had a family and a kingdom full of hope and dreams of going to the surface through the children of the next generation as his children of asriel and chara. But as fate had not yet been done with the monster race the kingdom was struck in despair once again. 

As if fate were to have the monster race be punished once again his child chara had been struck with a sickness that at the time they had no cure for as all he could do was watch his child suffer in their bed as he would hold in his mind the regret of not watching his children closer as with that regret just came more despair later as the final wish his child chara had was to see the golden flowers above the surface as his other child asriel his only born son would take chara's soul and go through the barrier that held back asgore and his people into the underground as asriel had went to the surface world as he had completed his journey for his best friend chara final wish but it had come at a price as he had come back wounded to the near point of death as he stood in front of his parents and fell onto the pile of golden flowers his father had began to plant for chara's memory as his dust spread across the garden. 

Seeing this ad knowing this in his mind, asgore had lost his faith in humanity due to the humans, he had lost his happy life above the underground to the human's and in just in one day he had lost both of his children to the humans once more....this in asgore mind was the last straw as he declared war on humanity and any human that falls into the underground is to be slain and there soul taken to asgore's palace. But he had to come to later regret that choice as all that fell into the underground...where human children, all curious and innocent in their own ways as they would each make their way to asgore palace and have that fateful  battle with asgore.

With each passing moment asgore hoped that one day he would die with those battle with the children so he would not have to slay them but none of them were strong enough to stand up to asgore and his might as they all fell one by one as asgore hated himself more and more for each soul gained and more hope the kingdom would gain he would grow to be hateful and disgusted by his own actions as well not only himself would be this but his wife and queen toriel as she left him as she could not support this, even though it was for the kingdom she could not stand the thought of children being slaughtered for the "greater good" of everyone. Asgore did not blame her for leaving him as even though he missed her deeply he still had his kingdom to worry about and kept up his lies to free everyone to the surface. 

But as everything had to seem to be looking up not only for asgore and his kingdom as he has collected six souls of the human children and all he needed was one more to final break the barrier and take back the surface from the human's and bring the justice human oh so deserved he heard foot steps behind him in the garden as he opened his eyes a little as he smiled. "Ah hello there would you like some-" he had then cut himself off as he dropped his watering plant as he was shocked at what he saw.

He saw a small human child as they held their knife in hand as it was full of dust....dust from monsters and blood was on it as they wore a blue sweater as his eyes grew dark as he looked down from the human child as he breathed in and out. "so human...i see you've been quite busy......and is that-" He was about to say as the human cut off his question.

"Yes it is, it's sans sweater, stupid skeleton had it coming to him" said the human as asgore gripped his fists as he looked at the human child.

"What is your name child?" asked asgore as the child began to laugh and hold their face with there left hand as asgore raised an eyebrow as he did not get this sudden burst of laughter. "Why are you laughing child?" He asked as the child then got a gleam of red in their eyes as they smiled toward asgore.

"Why should i tell you when your just going die like the rest?" they said as they ran toward asgore and jumped at him knife in the air ready to strike him down as asgore was caught off guard as he brought out his trident and blocked the knife clash as sparks flied from the clash of weapons as asgore threw the child away from him as the child landed on the ground once again crushing a few flowers beneath them as they smiled as they wiped away some blood from their mouth as they turned to him. "heh... they usually die from the first strike" they said as asgore swung around his trident as he stopped it and stabbed it into the ground as he glared at the child.

"what do you mean like 'the rest' child" He asked as the child looked at him surprised for a moment but then smiled and laughed more as they gave him a smirk.

"Oh i forgot in most time lines you don't even get the news about it because you usually die before you can even hear about it he he.....but fine i'll tell you KING asgore" Said the child as they wiped away some flower petals from there blue sweater as they gave him a smile "I killed them"

"what?" Asked asgore confused more as they smiled more.

"I killed them, all of them, every single monster down here" They said as they twisted their knife a bit in their hands as asgore began trembling as he could feel there enormous amount of XP and LOV they gained as he gripped his trident more as he looked down once again as he growled a bit as the child saw this and smiled. "what's wrong king? Mad that you couldn't save your people? Or is it because it's the fact" They said as they pointed their knife to him "You were only hearing this now?" They asked as asgore stayed silent as they laughed more "oh man this is so great! I don't see why i didn't tell you this news in other timelines! But yeah i killed them all....papryus, muffet, meatton and hell even....toriel" They said as asgore eye's went wide as the child smiled more.

"You....what" He asked as he began to grind his teeth as he gripped his trident more as his muscles were starting to strain as the child smiled.

"you know what i said, hell the only one's who put up a real fight was undyne and sans but heh can see how that turned out for them" Said the child as asgore glared at them as he stood straight as he grabbed his trident again as he looked at them. 

"Child before we fight....what is your name?" He asked as the child thought and smiled.

"oh you know my name asgore....or...father should i say?" They asked as asgore was now more confused as they then gave a gentle smile at him. "hi daddy it's me again! chara!" They said as asgore eyes went from anger and hate to horror and fear as he stepped back as he began trembling again.

"w-wha....? N-no! My child chara, t-they were....they were killed long ago by a sickness! You are not my child!" He yelled at chara as tears went down the side of his checks as chara looked at him with the same gentle smile.

"But daddy it is me, you little chara, the same one who enjoyed pies, chocolate, making pictures with asriel and heck" they said with a bigger smile "the only human you ever accepted into your family" they said as they then gave him a slight glare but with a happy smirk "or am i wrong about all of that "king fluffy buns" hmm?" they asked as asgore realized what chara was saying was true as he held his chest and looked at them with tears in his eyes and horror.

"B-but why....WHY MY CHILD?!" He asked them yelling at the top of his lungs as he was so confused as why his children, HIS CHILDREN would ever do something like this. "W-why would you slay every monster in the underground?! You loved every monster here! Chara my child please tell me why!" He pleaded to them as chara sighed as they lowered their knife and looked at him with a blank face. 

"i'm freeing them" they said as asgore just looked at them.

"w-what?" He asked as chara sighed more and kicked the ground a bit.

"Dad what you don't realize is well,,, your in a time loop, just something to be played with, everything you do, or would ever do can just be reset in a snap of fingers" Said chara as asgore hearing this couldn't believe any of this as chara gripped their left hand. "So I've made it my mission to free everyone of this stupid loop of all timelines, so their lives won't be played with there not play things anymore...." But they then began to laugh again. "But hey look at me being a Hippocratic, i play with their lives when i slay them" They said with a grin and their eyes glowing red again as they lifted their knife as chara smiled as they looked at asgore. "so let me free you father of your shackles and i promise i won't make your death painless" they said as asgore hearing this sighed as he stood up straight again as he coughed as chara raised an eyebrow as they were confused about this.

"so my child if all is what you say is true...then i am a mere toy to some else?" He asked.

"yes father your nothing but a play thing to them so i'll free you" said chara as asgore chuckled a bit.

"I'm so sorry my child i can;t allow you to do that" he said as he brought out his spear again and pointed it at chara. "If i'm in shackles then i shall 'break' these shackles and free the underground, so even though if my people are gone i shall grant their wish and break the barrier." he said as chara laughed.

"oh please father! You don't stand a chance against me! Might as well let me free you now and get it over with" Said chara as asgore smiled as he took off as his cape to his armor as he began to gather fire around him as chara took note of this as he yelled as a flash of light happened as chara covered their eyes as the room was filled with light as the light died down chara looked at asgore again and went wide eyed. 

Asgore was surrounded by fire as his trident was now made of pure flames as asgore himself was in red flaming armor as his cape was made of the ashes of the ones who had fallen to chara rampage as he he swung he trident around as he smiled at chara and pointed it at them. "Then you have not seen me fight all out child"


ATK: 240 DEF: 240


Chara saw his stats and smiled as they readied their knife and pointed it at him. "oh this is going to be fun, let's see what you have...." They said as they charged at asgore and raised their knife at him "FATHER!!!!!" they yelled as asgore lifted his trident and smashed it into the ground as huge waves of flames went spiraling toward chara as they jumped into them as they took the damage and got in front of asgore as both asgore and chara clashed their weapons once more as they butted heads as chara grinned insanely as asgore gave a hateful yet sorrowful glare.

Flower somewhere in the room looked at the two and gulped as he whispered. "Asgore"


(Well that's another story down will i continue this? Maybe if people want me to but yeah that's all for now folks =p)


United States


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